Reading List for Summer 2018

If you’re thinking, “I got some down time this summer, I should read, but I don’t know what.” Here are the 10 books on my summer reading list. Book List:   Church Membership: by Jonathan Leeman I read this book four years ago as a church plant resident. It was good then but frankly, I […]

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God’s Heart For Immigrant Families

The Problem:   Since April  a “zero tolerance” immigration policy meant to deter illegal immigration, has led to the separation of over 2,500 immigrant children from their parents at our border. Before this policy  families were only separated if parents were charged with a felony. My goal in bringing up this issue is not to […]

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Book Review: Generous Justice

    SUMMARY:   In the introduction to “Generous Justice,” Tim Keller responds to three questions, “Why write this book?” “Who is this book for?” “Why am I interested in Justice?” According to Keller he wrote the book because, “Less well known is the Biblical teaching that true experience of the grace of Jesus Christ […]

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What about Paul the Tentmaker?

At some point in the support raising process the idea to be a “tentmaker” may come up. Either you hit a wall in raising support and begin contemplating looking for part-time work. Or, someone you go to raise support from asks something along the lines of, “Have you thought about being a tentmaker? You know that’s […]

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Why Don’t You Get A Job?

If you have ever support raised, or have been asked by someone to support them the question, “Why don’t you get a job?” has either been outright asked, or if were honest, has been at least thought. I am guilty of the latter and I have been on the receiving end of the former. I […]

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