A Letter to A Third Culture Woman

Set Up: About a month ago I was in a reconciliation circle where we answered the prompt, “Tell us about a time you’ve been misunderstood because of race or profession.” The last woman in the circle to speak appeared to be in her mid-to-late forties. You could tell right as she started speaking that she […]

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Know Your Lines

While in New York City for Spring Break just over a year ago I had the privilege of grabbing lunch with Rich Perez, Pastor of Christ Crucified Fellowship. CCF is a church plant in Washington Heights, which exists between Manhattan in the South and Harlem to the North. Rich is a product of Washington Heights, having […]

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Engaging in Multi-Ethnic Ministry

While in New York City I had the privilege and opportunity to sit down with Mr. Robert Guerrero. Mr. Guerrero is of Dominican descent and is a Church Planting Catalyst for Redeemer City to City, as well as Pastor of Trinity Grace Church Washington Heights Parish. Mr. Guerrero was a joy to speak with and […]

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How to Engage Diversity

During my time in New York City, a little over a month ago, I had the privilege to spend some time with Pastor James Roberson of The Bridge Church. James planted The Bridge Church in Brooklyn, NY, which is the largest of New York’s five Burroughs. James is also a coach with the REBUILD Network. Our […]

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Interview with John Murchison

In the month of April I had the wonderful privilege to interview John Murchison who was the first Children’s Pastor at the Austin Stone, and is currently the Executive Director of Children’s Ministry. During my time with John we discussed leadership development, special considerations when working with children and youth, and lessons learned along the way.  […]

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Q&A with Steve Timmis

On Thursday October 16, 2014 the other Church Planting Residents and I skyped with English Church Planter and Acts 29 Executive Director Steve Timmis. Through my time at The Austin Stone I have had the privilege of hearing Steve teach on two other occasions. Furthermore, I have read his book Total Church three times. I […]

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What about Paul the Tentmaker?

At some point in the support raising process the idea to be a “tentmaker” may come up. Either you hit a wall in raising support and begin contemplating looking for part-time work. Or, someone you go to raise support from asks something along the lines of, “Have you thought about being a tentmaker? You know that’s […]

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Why Don’t You Get A Job?

If you have ever support raised, or have been asked by someone to support them the question, “Why don’t you get a job?” has either been outright asked, or if were honest, has been at least thought. I am guilty of the latter and I have been on the receiving end of the former. I […]

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