Why Don’t You Get A Job?

If you have ever support raised, or have been asked by someone to support them the question, “Why don’t you get a job?” has either been outright asked, or if were honest, has been at least thought. I am guilty of the latter and I have been on the receiving end of the former. I have experienced both sides of that question. Now I’m not an expert on support raising, truth be told I’m barely a novice on the subject. However, I have recently wrapped up support raising for two years salary in 29 days for my church planting residency at The Austin Stone Community Church.

From everything that I have read and with people I have spoken with 100 days is generally the goal to raise 100% support. The fact that I was able to accomplish this task in just over a quarter of the time really has very little to do with me. I am going to write a four part serious wrestling with the topic of support raising. Mainly I want to articulate clearly what God’s Word has to say about God’s people raising support to engage full time in God’s mission. My first post will focus on what the Old Testament says with regards to support raising. The second and third posts will focus on the New Testament, specifically dealing with what Jesus and the Apostle Paul spoke and experienced on the subject. In my final post I am going to share my story. I’ll give advice for what I saw work, some push back I received, obstacles I encountered, and how God responded to those issues on my behalf.

As I conclude I want to say two final things. First, all of my quotes are going to come from a book called “The God Ask,” by Steve Shadrach. If you have ever support raised, will need to support raise, or want to help someone support raise, you need to read this book. Apart from the Bible I don’t know of a better resource to equip you to raise support. Second, I want to put my cards on the table from the outset. I by no means believe that there is some “secret formula” that leads to success in support raising. You can have the best support raising formula the world has ever known, but if the Holy Spirit is not at the core of what you are doing you will fail. Or worse, you’ll raise the funds and become a proud, self-righteous fool that is a benefit to no one.  It has been my experience and my firm belief that support raising is used by God to further draw His children into a deeper reliance on him. Support raising is HARD. It’s uncomfortable, humbling, intimidating, at times overwhelming, it makes you question the call God has given you, and did I mention it’s hard? BUT… Oh how I have seen the hand of the Lord work in others on my behalf. I’ll share more details in my final post, but for now know the trust I have in my great King Jesus would never have happened apart from this season.

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