Reading List for Summer 2018

If you’re thinking, “I got some down time this summer, I should read, but I don’t know what.” Here are the 10 books on my summer reading list. Book List:   Church Membership: by Jonathan Leeman I read this book four years ago as a church plant resident. It was good then but frankly, I […]

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God’s Heart For Immigrant Families

The Problem:   Since April  a “zero tolerance” immigration policy meant to deter illegal immigration, has led to the separation of over 2,500 immigrant children from their parents at our border. Before this policy  families were only separated if parents were charged with a felony. My goal in bringing up this issue is not to […]

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Book Review: Generous Justice

    SUMMARY:   In the introduction to “Generous Justice,” Tim Keller responds to three questions, “Why write this book?” “Who is this book for?” “Why am I interested in Justice?” According to Keller he wrote the book because, “Less well known is the Biblical teaching that true experience of the grace of Jesus Christ […]

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Book Review: How the Nations Rage

Summary: How the Nations Rage begins by explaining how the present political climate did not happen suddenly. Rather, this is the culmination of decades of strife that has taken place amongst Christians that feel they were being pushed to the margins of culture. Leeman explains how cultural and legislative changes around moral issues started in […]

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Book Review: Reset

Summary David Murray is a man who knows first-hand the negative effects of burnout in our fast-paced culture. Like myself Murray has experienced some severe and at times debilitating physical illnesses that have forced him to examine the pace and rhythms of his life. While I’ve been wrestling with intestinal and psychological ailments, Murray experienced […]

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Book Review: Here I Stand

Introduction Martin Luther was gifted in so many areas that he single-handedly gave birth to what we now know as the Protestant Reformation. Luther was a man of great conviction, passion, and intelligence, whose convictions would not let him back away from truth. Despite the numerous good Martin Luther’s work has done and continues to […]

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Book Review: Cross-Cultural Servanthood

Summary Duane Elmer in Cross Cultural Servanthood walks the reader through a three-part journey in understanding the role servanthood plays in cross cultural ministry. Cross Cultural Servanthood builds on each of the three sections in helping the reader understand basic perspectives of servanthood, the process of servanthood, and the challenges of servanthood. In part one basic perspectives, Duane Elmer […]

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Book Review: Cross-Cultural Connections

Summary             In Cross-Cultural Connections author Duane Elmer takes the reader on a five-part walk through in how to engage in relationships cross culturally. This book presents a unique opportunity for readers to have an opportunity to understand what engaging in a cross cultural context entails from start to finish. Each section is developed to help the reader […]

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